About Crystal

Thank you for being here!  That means you are interested in staying Healthy after 50!


I have been active all my life. When I was a baby, I almost died of an intestinal infection. So,  I learned at a young age that it was important to take of my body so when I got older, I could still do the things I wanted to do. And I didn’t want to have any more issues with my colon.

At age 50, I had a colonoscopy and the doctor said “It is as pink as a 16 year old”. My kidneys showed as if they were in Stage 2 renal failure, but after taking a tincture called Kidney/ Bladder formula​ it came back normal.

I am not saying I am perfect, not by a long shot, but what I am saying is that I have been able to learn from books, life experiences and from the rights and wrongs of other people.  I now feel I have the wisdom to share those experiences and life lessons to you.


Why do I want to help people? It is because people have helped me and I want to give back, or as the new term goes; pay it forward.  I enjoy sharing what I know and what is so exciting is that I can still learn so much from other people.



The purpose of this site is to educate the older population that life is not over at 50 or older.  There are many supplements, herbs, exercise programs, accessories and more that can help people like me or you that are over 50 to live life at it’s fullest.  Life has just begun!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Crystal Maceira