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Thanks for being here! That indicates you have an interest in remaining Healthy after 50!

Healthy and Wise

I have actually been energetic all my life. When I was a toddler, I almost passed away of an intestinal tract infection.  I did not desire to have any more problems with my colon.

At age 50, I had a colonoscopy  and the doctor stated “It is as pink as a 16 year old”.

My kidneys revealed  Stage 2 kidney failing, yet after taking a tincture called Kidney/Bladder formula, it healed to the normal, healthy range.

I am not stating I am perfect, not by a slim chance, but what I am claiming is that I have actually had the ability to pick up from books, life experiences and also from the mistakes of other people. I currently feel I have the knowledge to share those experiences and life lessons to you.


The objective of this website is to inform the older populace that life is not over at 50. There are lots of supplements, natural herbs, workout programs, devices and more that could aid people like me or you to live life at its fullest after turning 50. Life has simply started!

Feel free to leave any comments about things yo have done to stay active and healthy after 50.  I am here to help you with whatever concerns yo may have.

Good Health to You


Crystal Maceira


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