Gray Hair, Don’t Care: 6 Healthy Habits for the Young at Heart

If you want to keep remaining healthy as you age,
you have to take good care of your mind and body. Keep reading for how to do
just that even if the years have started to sneak up on you.

Spend Some Time with You

There is something to be said about stealing a
few moments of “me” time each day. When it’s time to power down,
grab a steaming cup of tea, take a hot shower, and pamper yourself with a
homemade face mask or hot rock massage. This is one aspect of self-care that
will not only lower stress, but it can also help you clear negative thoughts
from your mind. Take this time to connect with your body and listen to what it
says you need.

Get Medical Checkups

Just because you’ve out-aged your doctor doesn’t
mean he or she can’t provide words of wisdom where health is concerned. Five
Star Senior Living reports that seniors are entitled to a thorough health exam when signing up for Medicare. There are numerous health screenings your doctor
may recommend, including those for colon cancer, bone density, and hepatitis C.
If you’re over the age of 60, you will also likely be recommended a shingles
and pneumococcal vaccine. If you’re a woman, you should also see a gynecologist
for a Pap smear at least once every few years to screen for cervical cancer.
Men, your sexual health also matters, and regular prostate exams can detect
cancer early.

Eat Nourishing Foods

While there’s something to be said about the
“just eat the cake” attitude, the body can’t sustain itself on sugar alone. No
matter your age, eating food that’s good for you is the best thing you can do
for your body. Your meals do not have to be elaborate. Start your day with a
breakfast of whole-grain pancakes topped with berries and nuts, a salmon and
avocado wrap for lunch, and a chicken breast salad for dinner. offers
more simple and healthy meal ideas.

Get Plenty of Rest

If food is fuel for your body, sleep is the oil
that keeps the engine running. Once you become an adult, your sleep needs hold
steady at between seven and nine hours each night. Getting excessively less can
lead to issues with cognition and make you feel run down and drained. Make a
point to get ample shut-eye and allow yourself to wake naturally to feel fully
refreshed. Pay attention to sleep disturbances that develop suddenly, as the
American Academy of Neurology suggests that sleep problems up your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Stay Social

Just because you’re decades out of high school
doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an active social life. Seniors who maintain a
close network of friends and family are healthier, happier, and enjoy greater
feelings of personal satisfaction. You don’t have to relegate yourself to
playing chess on the park bench. There are many exciting activities to do at
any age. Vive Health suggests trying a new restaurant, going shopping, and


It’s not enough just to keep your mind engaged,
you need to keep your body in motion as well. Exercising at least a few times each
week will keep your muscles strong and your joints limber. Perhaps more
importantly, a good workout will strengthen your heart and lungs. Take
advantage of Silver Sneakers, which offers free gym memberships for seniors.

Stay Young at Heart

Just because you’ve reached your golden years
doesn’t mean you aren’t still in your prime. Make your health a priority and
you will see many more fun, active, and happy birthdays.

Kevin Wells

Lead Writer,

I wholeheartedly agree with Kevin,  I am getting older and have applied these tips, with great success.  Have any other tips you would like to add?  Leave them in the comments below.

Good Health to You





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