Feeling Healthy over 50 – Keys to Success

Why do you want to feel healthy while getting older? For me, it is because there are many things I have on my “to do” list. I don’t want to be in pain or sick knowing that i have a house to take care of, grandchildren to play with, a husband to build relationships with and a ministry to expand.

How to feel healthy

There are several ways I can feel healthy. I will just touch on them in this blog. In subsequent writings, I will expound on each area to give you more detailed suggestions on what you can do to feel healthy over 50. There is so much information out there, that one can get very overwhelmed. I will write what has worked for me as well as what has worked for other people.

How have I stayed Healthy over 50

I am almost 56 at the writing of this article. I have 8 children, 13 grandchildren. Up to 52 I was a competitive runner. I knew at some point that my running days would end, because I had a deformed disc in my lower back that the doctors said would give me problems by the time I was in my 30’s. Up until a few years ago, I used running to keep my back in check. A couple times a year, it would spasm on me and I would run to work it out. I am not able to do that anymore, but there are other things that I can still do.

The important thing that I do now is still move. I get to the gym and when I cannot, I stretch and exercise at home. I will let you know exactly what I do in another blog.

How to feel healthy with dieting

I have a fairly good diet. It is not perfect, but for about 8 years, it was very good. I have several cleanses and rebuilding diets that I use when I need to. Dieting has such a bad connotation that I really don’t like using that word.

What I mean by dieting, is eating foods that will benefit your body, not hurt it. Eating foods close to Mother Earth…fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. When I do that, I feel the best; more energy, less pain.

Feel healthy with Natural Supplements

Being healthy over 50 means not relying on pharmaceuticals. If I have to be on them, I am only on them for as short a time as possible. I do not use any drugs. I have used some Ibuprofen or even Naproxen, but only temporary until I found or changed whatever I needed to get off of them.

I have several natural supplements that I use. A few of them I make myself. Being a Master Herbalist, I have the knowledge of what to use to maintain the health of the body. I will go into detail of each of them as time goes on.

Do not give in to being sick or in pain

Why is feeling healthy over 50 important to you? For me, I do not want to give in to being sick or in pain. There is no reason to be if you learn how to get away from it. Through exercise, diet and natural supplements, we can learn together how we can feel and stay healthy as we get older. I refuse to give into the aches and pains. I have too much to do around my home, with my grandchildren, with my husband and wanting to help others.

Many famous people were very active as they got older.  Jack La Lane was 96 when he passed, exercised right up to his death. On Vice.com it tells of Charles Eugster, 96 who still runs, rows and wake boards. Look at Christy Brinkley, Elizabeth Hurley, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jane Seymour!  All beautiful women over 50.  So, come, take this journey with me as we discover just how to stay healthy as you get older.

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Good Health to You


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